wadsworth antheneum

Stone Renovation

Contract Value: $1,800,000.00

Project Highlights:           

  • Stone Removal, Salvage and Installation
  • Fabrication and Installation of New Metal Flashings
  • Stone Dutchman
  • Pointing of Stones
  • Cleaning of Facade

Owner: Wadsworth Atheneum

G.L. Capasso Inc. was contracted by the Wadsworth Atheneum to restore its grand façade.  The Wadsworth Atheneum is the oldest public art museum in the United States, with significant holdings of French and American Impressionist paintings, Hudson River School landscapes, modernist masterpieces and contemporary works, as well as extensive holdings in early American furniture and decorative arts.

All work was accessed from the exterior using motorized work platform lifts, which reduced the visual obstruction of the windows at the lower floors. To accomplish this work, G.L. Capasso Inc. was contracted to document and salvage over 600 Historic stone, some of which were over 2500 lbs, and store them off site for future installation. The stone included window surrounds, quoins, veneer, water table, and base anchored to the brick structure, many of which included original chisel marks and rock-faced edges. The stone had to be modified at the bed joints to accept new anchor connections and allow for installation on the new CMU back up walls built.
In addition to the technical aspects of removing and resetting this historic stone, this work included coordination of the new anchorage system with the cavity waterproofing, flashings, and connections. All anchorage was specified on a "performance" basis with G.L. Capasso Inc. sub-contracting anchorage design, anchorage shop drawings, and providing coordination details for all waterproofing and flashing with the new system.

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