conte school

Concrete Restoration

Contract Value: $1,100,000.00

Project Highlights:           

  • Concrete Restoration
  • Corrosion Inhibitor installation
  • Rebar Replacement
  • Coatings



Owner: City of New Haven

Concrete has been called the backbone of modern construction – economical, durable and readily available. However, concrete is not indestructible.  Time, water and weather take their toll on concrete and diminish its strength.  Protecting concrete from the elements – and restoring it properly when damage does occur – is critical to preserve the functionality of buildings, balconies and plaza decks.

GL Capasso Inc. has performed numerous concrete restoration projects throughout the years.   One such project was the Harry A Conte School located in New Haven’s Historical Wooster Square.  Age and exposure to New Haven’s harsh climatic conditions caused extensive exterior deterioration to the concrete surface.  Many years of water infiltration caused moisture to seep into the cracks of the concrete and cause corrosion to the rebar and structural steel.  The corrosion of the steel caused the concrete surface to spaul and fall onto the surfaces below.

The scope of work for the Conte School project included demolition of the deteriorated and delaminated concrete to a sound surface, and then patching the areas with concrete patching materials.    The entire facade was cleaned with detergent in preparation for the application of a corrosion inhibitor.  Moreover, the building was coated with an elastomeric waterproof coating to provide the building long lasting protection.   All control joints were re-caulked and hairline cracks were injected with epoxy. 

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