Our History

A Tradition of Excellence.

G.L. Capasso, Inc. is a family-owned and operated structural restoration contractor that has earned a solid reputation in the industry based on trust and client satisfaction.  Three generations of the Capasso family have spent more than 40 years building G.L. Capasso, Inc. into one of the Northeast leading exterior structural restoration companies.

Our staff consists of skilled craftsman with an eye for detail, and a management team with extensive years of experience.  At G.L. Capasso, Inc. we are committed to building strong and enduring customer relationships.  By providing expert service, highly trained crews, and accurate cost estimates, our consistent goal with each client is to bring their project to completion on time and within budget.

Throughout the years, G.L. Capasso, Inc. has had the privilege of performing our work on some of the most high profile structures throughout New England.  Our strict adherence to the highest standards of quality and excellence has created a legacy for the G.L. Capasso, Inc. From Amherst’s renowned Sterns Steeple, Greenwich’s most renowned mansion, “Whitehead Estate”, New Haven’s Soldiers Monument to Hartford’s Memorial Arch and Asylum Hill Congregation Church, as well as Shelton’s Historic Plumb Memorial Library.  G.L. Capasso, Inc. has restored thousands of building exteriors to their former glory and protected them against further deterioration.

Since 1965 one thing has remained the same – our dedication to quality, integrity and value. 
At G.L. Capasso, Inc. we’re not just restoring exterior buildings, we’re preserving our reputation and our family name.