Symptoms & Causes



Stains on Window Trim and Glass

Seepage of Trapped Water Containing Dissolved Rust and Mineral Salts
Rusted Steel Above Windows Moisture Trapped by Inadequate or Failed Flashing System
Sealant Debonding at Windows Rusting of Steel Support at Bond Point
Tide Marks on Brick Surface Periodic Saturation of Brick Caused by Trapped Water
Recrystallization of Dissolved Salts on Brick Surface Trapped Moisture Solubilizes Free Lime
within Masonry
Moss and/or Algae on Mortar Surfaces Continuous Retention of Moisture
Sealant Deterioration Sunlight/Atmosphere - Improper Materials Specification
Sealant Pouting Improperly Designed/Installed Expansion Relief System
Sealant Debonding from Brick Improper Sealant Bond Break Specification or Installation
Sill Displacement Inadequate Flashing/Wall Drainage System
Horizontal Joint Cracking Inadequate Expansion Relief System/Oxide Jacking
Vertical Displacement Inadequate Expansion Relief System
Gross Masonry Failure Inadequate Expansion Relief System/Other


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