cutting & pointing process

The G.L. Capasso Process on Cutting and Pointing:

Pointing is the process of removing deteriorated mortar from masonry wall joints and replacing it with new mortar.  Proper re-pointing is based on a systematic process involving professional problem analysis, mortar matching, mortar mixing, scheduling, and execution. G.L. Capasso uses a thorough before-and-after testing process to ensure the overall effectiveness of each of our repointing projects.

  • Problem Analysis: Before any repointing work is initiated, G.L. Capasso will determine the cause of all building envelope deficiencies. Only when it is certain that repointing is the best course of action will we begin work.
  • Mortar Matching: All repointing work must be physically and visually appropriate. G.L. Capasso conducts a meticulous examination of masonry units—brick, stone, or terra cotta—to deduce the information needed to develop an appropriate mortar mix and application strategy.
  • Mortar Mixing: In making a repointing mortar that is compatible with existing masonry units, G.L. Capasso focuses on a mix that matches the historic mortar as closely as possible. New mortar is carefully created to match historic mortar in color, texture, and tooling; to have greater vapor permeability than the historic mortar and the existing masonry units; and to be softer in compressive strength than the surrounding masonry units.
  • Scheduling: Due to the lengthy nature of the repointing process, G.L. Capasso ensures that cost-effective scheduling is utilized within each of our repointing efforts. Seasonal aspects are always measured, as are scaffolding issues and the repointing’s relationship to other areas of building repair.
  • Execution: In executing a proper repointing effort, G.L. Capasso utilizes a number of proven methodologies:
    • Test Panels: Preliminary test panels institute a benchmark for successive repointing work.
    • Joint Preparation: Old mortar is removed to a depth of at least 2-1/2 times the width of the joint to ensure a high-strength bond. Mortar is removed cleanly from all of the masonry units, leaving square corners at the back of all cuts. Before filling, all joints are rinsed with water to remove any free particles.
    • Joint Filling: Deeper areas are filled initially, compacting new mortar in several layers. When the final layer is adequately hard, the joint is tolled to match the historic joint. If bricks or stones have worn edges, final mortar is recessed a little away from the masonry face.
    • Testing: Comprehensive testing before and after repointing means we know our efforts have succeeded. In fact, G.L. Capasso was using nationally recognized repointing testing standards before anyone else in the industry. Our level of care is unmatched.

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