financial capacity

For over 40 years, G.L. Capasso has maintained a strong financial position, responsive insurance program and significant surety capacity. These strengths provide our clients with the security of knowing G.L. Capasso Inc. will be around and have the means to take care of their construction needs for the life of their structures.
We are proud of our strong network of financial and banking firms, business alliances and professional service providers. This network is in place to provide G.L. Capasso flexible programs to address our client’s expectations for the long term. Selected highlights follow:

For the past 15 years G.L. Capasso has been associated with one of the country's premier surety companies, Travelers Surety. G.L. Capasso has a bonding capacity of $20 million.

For over 10 years, G.L. Capasso has obtained a competitive insurance program from Peerless. Our Insurance broker and our provider collaborate with our clients to secure quality insurance and safety programs.

Independent Audit
For the past 5 years, G.L. Capasso Inc. financial statements have been examined by an independent auditing firm. G.L. Capasso believes in always meeting its obligations recognized in connection with such examinations.

Ownership Stability
G.L. Capasso Inc. has been family-owned and operated by three generations since 1965. Clients can trust that our future generations will continue to provide them with the same security and commitment that they have come to expect from a long-term construction relationship.