building evaluation

Catch issues and problems before they’re a costly, emergency repair by conducting yearly evaluations.  A yearly evaluation should include:

  • Caulking Conditions - Caulking works every day as a building compresses and expands.  Over time this can cause the caulking to weaken leading to water infiltration.  If your caulking looks like its failing it may be time to have the old caulk replaced.
  • Mortar Condition - When mortar fails water can seep into the exterior wall.  If your mortar is cracked, chipped, or missing, it must be replaced.  
  • Efflorescence (White Residue on Façade) - Efflorescent salts (whitish features) that  form on the surface of the brick are a sign of water infiltration.  When water dissolves after making its way into bricks its internal salts (whitish features) stay on the exterior surface of the brick.  If you see efflorescence on your façade then water is most likely infiltrating into your building façade.
  • Cracking Façade - When cracks appear on your building it typically means the structure is moving.  Patching the area is a superficial fix that will generally result in more cracking.  Before conducting any repairs it is important to have a professional such as G.L. Capasso Inc. investigate the problem in order to determine the source.

If you see any of these examples on your building, please call us at 203-469-2810 or email us at info@glcapasso.com to set up a free on site building evaluation.