fort griswold monument

Historic Restoration

Contract Value: $450,000.00

Project Highlights:           

  • Erected scaffolding around the entire monument.
  • Shore façade, remove broken granite pieces, fabricate and install with cranes new granite pieces. 
  • Cut and re-point the entire monument.  
  • Washing of entire monument facade to remove construction debris and staining.
  • Install new mechanical louvers.
  • Managed and oversaw subcontractors, such as electrician and lightning protection system.

Owner: Department of Environmental Protection

The Groton Monument, sometimes called the Fort Griswold Monument is a granite monument located in Groton, Connecticut.  The monument is dedicated to the defenders who fell during the Battle of Groton Heights on September 6, 1781. Built between 1826 and 1830, the Monument stands 135 feet tall and has 166 interior steps.

G.L. Capasso Inc. was contracted to restore the monument façade and install a new mechanical louver system.  As part of the restoration work G.L. Capasso erected scaffolding around the 135’ monument.  The monument was cut and pointing in its entirety.  Due to the irregular size of the joints, seven inch grinders and ten inch saws were used to remove the old mortar.  
G.L. Capasso also shored the façade to remove broken granite pieces.  New granite pieces were then fabricated and installed with the help of cranes.  Work was completed safely, on schedule and to the full satisfaction of the owner and consultant.

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