housatonic community college parking garage


Contract Value: $1,500,000.00

Project Highlights:

  • Installation of 500,000 square feet of deck coating
  • Concrete repairs to garage slab.
  • Joint sealant installation to garage slab
  • Expansion joint installation.

Owner: Housatonic Community College

Housatonic Community College (HCC) contracted G.L. Capasso Inc. to restore its 700,000 square foot parking garage.  Highly trafficked areas, such as parking ramps and decks deteriorate at a greater rate than parking stalls. Over the years, property managers are forced to repair these areas more often; costing time, inconvenience, energy, and money.

HCC contracted G.L. Capasso Inc. in the hopes of finding a more permanent solution to their ongoing deck problems. G.L. Capasso Inc, in consultation with BASF, decided to apply a Sonnoguard Deck coating Traffic System. The scope of the project included chemical cleaning, routing cracks, repairing spalled concrete and applying a heavy-duty deck coating to the decks and access ramps.

The application area was degreased to remove contaminants. Two coats of Sonnoguard traffic coating were applied to an area of 500,000 square feet. This unique coating system provides unmatched durability with a rapid cure time allowing for a speedy application and limited inconvenience.

G.L. Capasso Inc. was challenged to find a solution that had plagued property managers for some time, their experience and knowledge created a solution that met the challenge.  Work was finished in a safe and timely manner to the satisfaction of the owner.

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