bushnell park arch

Historic Restoration

Contract Value: $200,000.00

Project Highlights:

  • Erected scaffolding around the entire arch.
  • Pointing of the Arch.
  • Brownstone Restoration.



Owner: Bushnell Park Foundation

The arch was designed by Hartford architect George Keller to honor the 4,000 Hartford citizens who served in the Civil War, and the 400 who died for the Union. This Gothic monument is made of brownstone from Portland, Connecticut, and cost about $60,000 to build. G.L. Capasso was contracted to restore the upper peaks of the arch.  As part of the restoration process the original mortar was removed and sent to a testing laboratory to determine its composition.  A special mix design was formulate to replicate the original mortar.  Cathedral Stone historic patching materials were used to patch the deteriorated brownstone.

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