soldiers and sailors monument

Stone Renovation

Contract Value: $800,000.00

Project Highlights:

  • Erect scaffolding around the entire monument.
  • Document and salvage of stone.
  • Dismantle and salvage the upper 17 feet of the monument.
  • Reconstruct, using salvaged materials, the upper 17 feet of the monument.
  • Cut and re-point the entire monument. Due to the irregular size of the joints, seven inch grinders and ten inch saws were used to remove the old mortar.  
  • Washing of entire monument facade to remove construction debris and staining.
  • Demolition and removal of interior stairs.
  • Managed and oversaw subcontractors, such as electrician and lightning protection system.

Owner: Department of Public Works

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, located on the 366-foot summit of East Rock in New Haven, Connecticut is visible for miles from the surrounding urban metropolis and Long Island Sound. At 112 feet high, the monument was built in 1887 and honors the residents of New Haven who gave their lives in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War and the Civil War.

The City of New Haven contracted with G.L. Capasso Inc. to restore this historic structure.  G.L. Capasso documented and removed the entire upper section of the monument, which was unstable.  Over seventy granite stones, weighing over 2 tons each, were reinstalled using new anchors. 

Other aspects of the monument restoration included the cutting and pointing of all interior and
exterior masonry joints, epoxy injection, painting, carpentry, cleaning and caulking.  Managed
and oversaw subcontractors, such as conservator for sculptors, crane operators and lightning
protection.  The project was completed within budget and to the satisfaction of the consultant and the owner.

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