Yale laboratory of epidemiology and public health

Water Tight Repairs

Contract Value: $1,100,000.00

Project Highlights: Work on this project included the following:

  • Set up scaffolding and access in order to perform our work.
  • Removal of miscellaneous broken limestone pieces, fabrication of new limestone pieces. installation of new lead flashings and installation of new limestone pieces using dowels.
  • Spot cutting and pointing of the façade.
  • Patching of deteriorated limestone on the façade.
  • Miscellaneous Dutchman replacement on the façade.
  • Washing of entire masonry facade to remove construction debris and staining from the limestone.
  • Replacement of all joint sealant on the façade.
  • Miscellaneous painting. 
  • Managed and oversaw subcontractors, such as asbestos abatement contractor.

Owner: Yale University School of Medicine

G.L. Capasso Inc. was contracted to clean the exterior limestone of the LEPH façade.  Years of exposure to pollutants turned the color of the limestone façade from a light grey color to a dark grey and black color.  To successfully restore and clean the limestone surfaces, G.L. Capasso Inc. employed a number of minimally invasive treatment techniques, including hot water washes, detergent cleanings, biological (anti-microbial) cleaning, and water misting. Especially difficult surface residue was removed using low-pressure micro-air abrasion. Any surface cleaning work was first performed on sample sections before being fully applied.

In addition to the cleaning of the limestone façade, G.L. Capasso Inc. performed Dutchman repairs on the limestone and removed and replaced over six miles of caulk.  The project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the owner and consultant.

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