200 henry street at harbor point

Exterior Envelope

Contract Value: $1,400,000.00

Project Highlights:

  • Set up scaffolding and access in order to perform our work.
  • Cutting and pointing of various locations throughout the façade.
  • Removal and replacement of miscellaneous broken and deteriorated bricks.
  • Demolition of brick parapets and their backup, installation of new CMU backup walls with installation of new ties and anchors.  Installation of new brick parapets after the CMU backup walls were constructed.  
  • Installation of new metal flashings over the water table.
  • Shoring of portions of the façade in order to remove deteriorated sills and cornices and replacement with new pieces.
  • Form and pour new concrete cornices.
  • Removal of deteriorated concrete and patching of concrete.
  • Washing of entire masonry facade to remove construction debris and staining.
  • Waterproof the façade with a permeable waterproof.
  • Restoration to the building stairs.
  • Joint sealant replacement.
  • Painting of lintels.

Owner: Harbor Point Development

200 Henry Street was constructed in the early 1900’s. G.L. Capasso Inc. was contracted to restore its façade. The owner received a historic grant and all work was performed using historic restoration methods.

With a fast track schedule, crews worked tirelessly performing all aspects of the façade restoration, such as cutting and pointing, patching, scaffolding, brick replacement, sheet metal repairs, cleaning and caulking. The project was performed on time and to the satisfaction of the owner and consultant.

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