historic preservation & masonry Restoration

stone restoration

G.L. Capasso, Inc. is experienced in all aspects of stone restoration and stone repair. Natural stone is beautiful and a strong material.  It is often used for its proven ability to resist the forces of environmental conditions.

G.L. Capasso, Inc. has completed many restoration projects involving the restoration of stone (limestone and sandstone) buildings using these techniques:

  • Dutchman patch of deteriorated stone areas
  • Patch natural stone with approved patch materials
  • Remove and replace stone units or decorative stone elements
  • Remove and reset of existing stone units
  • Rebuild stone facades and parapets
  • Repoint stone facades
  • Resurface exfoliated surfaces
  • Clean stone surfaces

Natural stone restoration can be demanding and give a variety of challenges for the restoration contractor, especially in dealing with historic buildings. These projects require a knowledgable restoration contractor that is well trained in dealing with stone construction and its construction details, both existing and new.

G.L. Capasso, Inc. has the necessary experience and architectural knowledge to fulfill these requirements.  In fact, G.L. Capasso, Inc. has built a reputation for being one of the best stonemason companies in New England. Our 40 years of experience, commitment to quality, and preservation expertise cannot be matched.

When you need professional and expert stone restoration, contact G.L. Capasso Inc.