historic preservation & masonry Restoration

brick replacement

Weather, pollution and aging take their toll of exterior facades.  As a result, cracks in bricks, stones, and stucco walls are some of the most common masonry problems. These cracks detract from the appearance of the structure, and can allow water to penetrate the wall and damage interior surfaces. Many find it difficult to match the existing brick, stone or stucco color and texture, leaving behind an obvious or unattractive visual trail.

At GL Capasso, Inc. our brick, stone and stucco repairs are virtually invisible.  Skilled craftsmen use traditional and superior materials to achieve the appropriate color and texture of the structure under repair.  Our materials are effective in achieving superior aesthetics and dependable, long lasting results.  G.L. Capasso, Inc. specializes in returning all types of brick, stone and stucco structures to their original (if not improved) condition.  

G.L. Capasso, Inc. first analyzes the underlying cause of the problem, fixes the problem and returns the structure to its original, intended appearance. When restoring a damaged brick or stone structure, choosing the right approach is important.  We do it right by:

  • Thoroughly evaluating the entire building envelope
  • Analyzing the characteristics of all cracks/settlement
  • Identifying the underlying cause of all damage, both aesthetic and structural
  • Determining the proper restoration approach
  • Performing all necessary repairs, including proper repointing
  • Continually monitor all work as it unfolds
  • Fully analyzing all completed work for effectiveness and longevity

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