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Is Your Building's Exterior in Need of a Good Cleaning?

Buildings are exposed to the elements and get dirty.  Exterior cleaning is a part of good routine maintenance.  GL Capasso, Inc. will revitalize and restore your structure to its original beauty. We provide the best service and technology known in the cleaning and restoration industry.
GL Capasso Restoration is an experienced leader in the external washing and restoration of historic buildings. We clean and refinish buildings damaged by water, fire and smoke, and buildings damaged by the environment, natural occurrences and regular wear & tear.

Our commercial building exterior cleaning & restoration services include:

  • Low pressure washing and/or power washing of building exterior for removal of mold, mildew, oxidation, corrosion, carbon, rust, and grime with 100% biodegradable solutions.
  • Hand repair damage to building’s exterior surface, whether it is brick, concrete, stone, metals, mortar, marble, stucco, or wood.
  • Repointing of deteriorated mortar joints, if necessary.
  • Applying commercial refinishing compounds specific for your particular building exterior surface.
  • Applying sealants to protect the external surfaces from the harmful and destructive effects of the environment and natural causes.

Our commercial building surface cleaning and restoration service is available for all structures. Here are just a few examples: Stadiums, Educational Institutions, Coliseums, Hotels, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Schools, Banks, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Arenas, Towers, Churches, Retail Outlets, Airports, Factories, Court Houses, Libraries, Apartment Complexes, Monuments, Schools, Hospitals, and Statue Cleaning/Refinishing.

For more information on G.L. Capasso, Inc. services please contact us.