concrete restoration

traffic coating membranes

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic-bearing coating systems are designed to protect concrete parking structures, and stadiums and plazas, where moisture infiltration is not accepted. They provide a seamless, durable, skid-resistant seal on the concrete, preventing the ingress of moisture and chloride that leads to early deterioration of concrete and reinforcing steel. These coatings can be used on new construction or when refurbishing existing reinforced concrete structures.

A properly installed system forms a waterproof barrier for conditioned spaces that are below the coated structural deck. This allows for the greatest space utilization within your structure. Vehicular or pedestrian systems come in different colors, textures and formulations to meet particular job requirements.

Vehicular or pedestrian membrane systems are able to be finished using elastomeric urethane systems or cementitious, breathable systems for slab on grade application.

G.L. Capasso, Inc. has over 40 years experience installing vehicular and pedestrian coatings. We  provide several options for a specific project. G.L. Capasso, Inc. offers design recommendations at the beginning of the project and will repeatedly make recommendations during the installation process. Whether vehicular or pedestrian, the coating selected by G.L. Capasso, Inc. will provide years of protection for prolonged service life. 

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