concrete restoration

expansion joint Systems

Traffic rated expansion joint systems form a watertight membrane/nosing system for parking decks and stadiums. Most systems installed for vehicular traffic employ a gland expansion joint system that is installed into a preformed concrete notch or block-out incorporating an elastomeric nosing material. There are a lot of other joints such as compression seals, preformed compressible joint filers and fire-rated joint assemblies.

At G.L. Capasso, Inc. we offer a full service approach to the installation and repair or replacement of expansion joints in concrete buildings, parking structures, and stadiums. We work closely with engineers and architects to assure that the correct size joint is specified based on the design movement calculations. The joints are also examined based on their intended use; resistant to vehicular traffic or durable to pedestrian traffic for walkways, plazas and stadiums.

G.L. Capasso, Inc.’s project managers work closely with the project General Contractor or Construction Manager to decide pre-construction installation methods to ensure that the concrete joints are correctly formed and sized for specified joint movement.

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